Thursday, 23 February 2017


Im like so in desperate to update my blog like i need to type something feeling. Actually im kinda having some thoughts right now.
Before i met my guy. I seem to believe all the drama ive been watching for ages. Like whenever you have a partner, you partner would treat you well. As his princess. As his queen. But then when i am really in the reality. All the dramas scene is bullshit. I am not saying my guy is out of the fairytale things. He still in the right path. But you know man right in this era we could read so many stuff that related to those who were having problems in relationship , they like sharing all their thoughts stories through facebook , blogs etc. I love to read em all because i just wanted to feel how to be in relationship is really are.
Most of the stories that i read is that women are not have been treat as well as what they deserved. And based from what ive been reading which is a stories that honestly told by their husband abt how bad they treated their wife before. Ada yang pukul , poligami etc. Pukul is major la dalam relationship problem bcoz real man never use their hand on women. Poligami is okay if you really mintak izin your first wife and boleh adil like everything you give equally. You should.
Perempuan utk disayangi. Yes it is. Dan difahami as well. Women/wife are not tough compared to men/husband. Their heart is idk man susah nak describe. Benda kecil boleh terus jadi sentap and sensitif. Tetambah on their special week of the month. Women also known as kaum yang asyik nak menang eventho dah terang2 salah. Nope. We just love argument which is boleh dengar points yang matured from our partner. We realized that sometimes we make mistake tapi kadang2 rasa nak pretend betul jugak tapi kitaorang tahu je yang weolss salah. Kalau kitaorang tahu some argument boleh membawa kepada penceraian well i means pergaduhan , perempuan lebih selesa choose utk duduk diam2 dua tiga hari tanda protes sebab nak dipujuk sebab manja la kot kan. Haha. Its complicated tho. As perempuan pun sometimes i tak faham apa yang sebenarnya perempuan nak dalam hidup. Tapi yang ai tahu we really need companion mcm org yang boleh protect on anything. Yang sayang weolss la kan.
I ada baca satu story which her husband regrets for not treat his wife well while she's there. After his wife had gone to another world then only he realized his fault. What you gonna do when everything is too late for you to fix ? Nothing man.
Basically as a men you should treat your girl/wife etc (any women you love) well. Remember that she is the only one who stay by your side , facing your ego almost in every argument. Well said, just let them win as your heart are winning by them.

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